Silicone Diaphragm Seals

Silicone Diaphragm Seals are designed to protect by transferring the pressure of an object through the seal. Moulding Diaphragm in silicone that are FDA and WRAS approved compounds and other technical compounds. We supply any shape or design depending on your requirements with respect to thickness diameter and convolutions.

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We manufacturer your components using suitable compounds designed to work in the harshest of environments that are manufactured to fine tolerances ensuring a high quality product designed to give long and reliable service whatever the application.

The functionality of diaphragms depends on consistency of the mouldings and the materials which meadex has specialised in for long term application.

Meadex offer Diaphragms in FKM, Silicones , EPDM and Neoprene. We also offer clean room manufacture. Full documentation and certificates can be provided.

At Meadex, we are able to offer the following means of diaphragm manufacture:

A Reverse Engineering Service from supplied sample components
A Prototyping Service including a 3D printing service
A Fast Tooling Delivery for time critical production runs.
compression moulding

Rubber Silicone Diaphragm Seals

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Silicone Diaphragm Seals

Meadex Precision Rubber Mouldings Ltd. has over thirty years experience specialising in the manufacture of precision rubber components for over 30 years.

By definition, rubber diaphragms are flexible seals that prevent unwanted transmission of substances between two places. These substances can be liquids, gasses or solutions. They are characteristically tough and dynamic and essential in many flow control applications. We provide full production capabilities from prototype and short run quantities through large production runs. Meadex Precision Rubber Mouldings Ltd takes pride in its ability to consistently produce precision custom rubber diaphragms guaranteed to meet your most stringent requirements and function perfectly within your application.

We offer Material compound selection for your engineering requirements.

Homogeneous Rubber Diaphragms

Meadex Precision Rubber Mouldings Ltd. provides diaphragms produced entirely of rubber. These homogeneous rubber diaphragms are used in very low-pressure applications when the strength of a fabric reinforced diaphragm is not required. Homogeneous rubber diaphragms offer similar functional advantages as fabric reinforced diaphragms and tend to be more economical for our customers not requiring a sturdy construction.

Fabric Reinforced Rubber Diaphragms
Meadex Precision Rubber Mouldings Ltd. provides a variety of custom moulded fabric reinforced rubber diaphragms designed and engineered for specific industry applications, including:
• Pneumatic actuators
• Pumps and control valves.
• Gas controls
• Valve diaphragms
• Air compressors
• Accumulators

The fabric reinforcement ensures stability and consistent functional performance over the required range of temperature and pressure conditions, whilst providing greater sensitivity and improved sealing performance than typically possible with alternative fabric reinforced materials. The application also requires very tight dimensional tolerances, with thickness being controlled to less than the ISO 3302-1 Class M1 allowance

Diaphragm | Custom pressed and injected moulding in rubber, plastic and silicone
Pink-Meadex-Arrow Moulding for the defence industry


Orange-Meadex-Arrow Moulding for the medical and healthcare industry


Green-Meadex-Arrow Custom moulding for the aerospace industry


Pink-Meadex-Arrow Moulding for the defence industry


Orange-Meadex-Arrow Moulding for the medical and healthcare industry


Green-Meadex-Arrow Custom moulding for the aerospace industry


Pink-Meadex-Arrow Moulding for the defence industry


Meadex Data Sheet:


Our years of experience in the gasket manufacturing industry has proven that certain applications demand that a rubber elastomer layer must be very flexible and tough in order to withstand repeated flexing over a long lifetime. It is required that each and every custom moulded rubber diaphragm be able to handle mandatory operating temperatures and also be resistant to any chemicals, fluids or gases it may come in contact with.

The construction of fabric reinforced rubber diaphragms is achievable using special reinforcement materials including:
• Polyester (Dacron)
• Polyamide (Nylon, High Strength)
• Cotton

Rubber Diaphragm Industry Applications

Rubber diaphragms and fabric reinforced rubber diaphragms are critical to the operation of equipment and systems in the industrial, automotive, aerospace, oil, gas, medical instrumentation, and pump and valve industries.

If a dependable and accurate response to a hydraulic or pneumatic pressure change is needed then almost certainly a diaphragm seal is required. Meadex Precision Rubber Mouldings Ltd. is experienced in engineering and manufacturing solutions for diaphragm applications including:

• Pumps
• Pneumatic diaphragm pumps
• High pressure diaphragm pumps
• Pressure gauges
• Vacuum pumps
• Air compressors
• Actuators, pneumatic actuators
• Thermal actuators
• Control valves.
• Automotive Carburettors
• Gas Control & Valve Equipment
• L.P.G. & Methane Gas Actuators & Regulators
• Diesel & other fuel pumps
• Gas & Fuel metering equipment


Silicone Diaphragm Seals are widely used in chemical industries, food processing, pharmaceutical, beverages, etc.

The main function of the diaphragms is used to protect the process fluids from the pressure sensor.

We have also developed special thin wall diaphragms for actuator applications; these diaphragms have critical sealing requirements and are manufactured within a tolerance of (or ±0.015 mm).

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