As well as Rubber, Silicone and Plastic – we custom mould and work with a wide range of elastomers and polymers – from nitriles, neoprenes and silicones through to high-performance Viton® Extreme FFKM and cutting edge polymers like silicone perfluoroelastomers, and nanotech rubbers.

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In addition to these main materials, we work with a wide range of custom materials;


Aflas® | Butadiene | Butyl | Carbonated nitrile | Chloroprene | CSPE | EPDM | EPDM Peroxide | Extreme Viton® | FFKM | FKM | Fluorocarbon | Fluoro compounds | Fluorosilicone | FVMQ | HNBR | Hyperlon | Natural rubber | NBR | Neoprene | Nitriles | Platinum silicone | Polychloroprene | Polyurethenes | Silicone | SBR | Styrene  | utadiene rubber | Vamac | Viton®


ABS | Acetyl | Biopolymers | EPDM/PP | Evoprene® | Flexible PVC | Glass filled nylon | HDPE | High density  | Polythene | LCP | LDPE | Low density polythene | MDPE | Medium density polythene | Mineral filled  | polypropylene | Nylons | PA 6 | PA 6.6 | PA blends | PARA | PC/ABS | PCT | PEEK | PET | PMMA | Polyamides – PA | Polycarbonate – PC | Polyethylene – PE | Polypropylene – PP | POM | PP – copolymer | PP – homopolymer | PP  | ompounds | PPA | PPS | PS | Polyvinyl chloride | PVC | Santoprene® | SBS TPE | SEBS TPE | SPS | Talc filled  | polypropylene | Thermoplastic elastomer | Thermoplastic rubber | TPE | TPE-E | TPE-V | TPR | TPU | TPV

Selecting Your Material

Selecting the right material for your component is crucial and it’s why we work with a number of different materials providers – each of which have a slightly different speciality.  We have worked with numerous clients to help produce the perfect compound for their component.

It is important to take account of both mechanical stresses being placed on the component during its lifecycle, but also to consider the in-service environment and the effects that that could have on the material over time.  So environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, exposure to oils, fluids and chemicals etc, combined with mechanical requirements around strength, flexibility and impact resistance.

Watch our video on: Top Mistakes Made in Component Material Selection



We can source plastic, rubber and silicone that is flame retardant, chemical resistant, military grade, WRAS / Water Safe / Water Council / British Gas / UL approved, and that complies with Food Quality Standards, Medicine & Healthcare regulations and British Standards.  Simply advise your material specification requirements in full at the start of the process and we’ll do the rest.

Recycled / Renewable Materials

We take our commitment to the environment as a responsible employer and manufacturer very seriously.  Wherever possible we offer and recommend sustainable and renewable materials and are happy to consult with you on this.

We are very happy to work to specific briefs in this respect.  We recently completed a project to produce corn rulers and pencil cases for schools.  If required, we can work with environmental consultants to get accurate and thoroughly considered reports on your design and material options.

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