Precision liquid silicone rubber mouldings components in the UK.
Meadex supplies Liquid Silicone Rubber mouldings precision mouldings using an injection moulding system.
This is for specialist requirements with a technical capability for chosen Industries.

LSR Capabilities
Advanced moulding techniques allow thin sections and Micro moulding. The controlled injection systems give consistency in thickness and quality. Delicate parts can be formed more reliably and under cuts which are a common feature n medical bellows etc.

Design of LSR
One of the most critical factors to consider for a successful silicone moulding program has to do with material selection. Advances in the material have led to significant improvements in the product beyond attributes, such as thermal stability, and resistance to aging.
The addition of additives and other fillers give LSR the capacity to endure higher temperatures, oil, and other fluid environments. With the addition of phenyl units, it has greater capabilities in low-temperature settings. Adding phenyl fluid reduces the coefficient of friction, creating a part with a slippery surface as the fluid gradually bleeds out.

The latest technologies have a grade of material suitable for in-mould bonding of the LSR to a thermoplastic.
Molders can select from many different types and grades of liquid silicone rubber, from tacky to soft touch, as well as an array of hardnesses. It is important for engineers to perform analyses to ensure that the material has chemical compatibility and wear resistance. It must also meet environmental and performance criteria as outlined in the program.