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Meadex is a UK based technical moulding company for silicone, rubber and plastic components including seals, cover caps, bellows, rubber injection mouldings and custom designed mouldings.

Over 25 years experience in serving the UK Industry with precision mouldings in flurosilcione and FFKM and FKM mouldings.

Our range of over 40 presses from 10 tons to 400 tons in Thermoplastic injection mouldings and thermoset mouldings.
Meadex will supply full trace-ability with material and process data including full PPAP and CPK.

MeadeX division offers cleanroom manufacture to class 7 with automated vision inspection and bagging systems. ( cleanroom )

Meadex has served the Semiconductor market with deamding seals.
Prototypes and tooling for key markets with tight deadlines.
Moulded sealing solutions for food pharma & life sciences.
Seals for chemical compatibility.
Moulded seals for Oil and Gas
Fluoroelastomer seals for pumps and shaft seals.
High temperature Steam resistant Elastomers.
We offer a wide range of compounds meeting UK and European specification standards, MOD, FDA and WRAS approved materials for moulded items.
Full Range of Thermosplatic materials such a Nylons / Polyprops / acetals etc

Working with advanced elastomeric and polymeric materials (see Materials page for details) we also specialise in bonding these materials – to each other and to metal – to produce a wide range of bonded material components

We have specialised in custom moulding for 40 years and are grateful to have an impressive list of customers who trust us with some of their most vital components

Materials we work with

Industries we work with

We work with a number of compounders, material providers and all known materials.

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