Customers contact us at all stages of the process below and we will happily work with you whatever stage you’re at. As long-standing experts in our industry, we can advise you on the options available and provide recommendations as to how best to produce your component. We can help you with:

If you are still designing your component or assembly, we would be happy to consult with you to ensure manufacturing considerations and cost implications are taken into account from the outset.

If you are looking to replicate an existing component, we can work with you to reverse engineer it and produce a component to the same standard and degrees of tolerance, or better if required.

The material chosen is a vital element of your component. We work with several material providers who between them provide all known materials and brands, and who also develop compounds to specific requirements.

If you are at proof of concept stage and are looking to develop a one-off or prototype, we will work with you and advise on cost and manufacturing considerations – both for the prototype and for potential ongoing production.

3D printing is a service we can offer using our technical expertise and extensive manufacturing experience combined with state of the art high tech equipment to produce 3D printed components.

Working with a number of tooling providers, both in the UK and Overseas, we understand the need to produce tools quickly and can advise you on the various options, costs and turnaround times.

Meadex operate state of the art injection moulding machinery to cater for low volume production through to high volume automated manufacture, with press capacities ranging from 60 tonnes to 300 tonnes per 24 hours.

With lower capital cost for tooling that injection moulding, compression moulding is a good option for small production runs and can also be better for larger parts.  We have a large number of compression presses.

Employing a variety of chemical and mechanical methods, we can bond polymers, rubbers and silicones to each other and to metal parts e.g aluminium, plated metals and alloys, mild steel and titanium.

We produce rubber, silicone and plastic components in our two UK manufacturing facilities – with specialists in the different materials and types of manufacture overseeing production. We specialise in advanced materials and bonding.

In some instances it is worth considering overseas production and we manage the process end to end. We have a reliable and trusted overseas network of suppliers and consultants built up over many years.

With a commitment to quality, extensive lab facilities and automated visual inspection equipment, we can schedule testing, validation and quality checking at all stages of the process. Plus we have a highly skilled team of trimmers, assemblers, pickers and packers.

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