Silicone Rubber (Q, MQ, VMQ, PVMQ)

Silicones have good ozone and weather resistance as well as good insulating and physiologically neutral properties. However, silicone elastomers as a group have relatively low tensile strength, poor tear strength and little wear resistance.

Various grades of FDA (food approved) silicone available.

Heat resistance

  • Up to approximately 204°C (400°F) special compounds up to 260°C (500°F)

  • Down to approximately -54°C (-65°F) special compounds down to -115°C (-175°F)

Chemical resistance

  • Animal and vegetable oil and grease

  • High molecular weight chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons (including flame-resistant insulators,and coolant for transformers)

  • Moderate water resistance

  • Diluted salt solutions

  • Ozone, ageing and weather