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We currently supply to the following industries:


All our rubbers we supply to the aerospace industry can with stand extremes of both high and low temperature, while still resisting fuel.


We supply the agricultral industry for its growing demand for rubber mouldings and seals.


We ensure that we constantly meet the have stringent standards on quality, cost and delivery timing set by the automotive industry.

Chemical & Electrical

We supply the industry with products manufactured by formulating materials for conductivity and insulation, to meet the required standards.


We work with the defence industry to manufacture and supply products within our field of expertise to meet Defence sepcification compounds

Food & Beverage (FDA)

We can provide quality products to meet the requirements of the food industry ensuring all our products are clean, non toxic, safe, non-leaching, non-odour, and non-taste rubbers.

Water safe (WCA)

We are experts in supplying custom and standard mouldings In approved WRAS materials.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic

We can supply a vast range of rubber prooducts to service the engineering industry including bespoke solutions through to gaskets, o rings, and seals.

Marine Industry

We develop and manufacture our products to ensure that they are able to withstand the intense weather conditions, ozone and oil & fuel contamination.