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We manufacture a wide range of high quality open grommets, blind grommets and semi-blind grommets, which are produced in all sizes and a wide variety of materials. We can manufacture custom rubber grommets to meet your requirements. We can also manufacture your rubber grommets in low and mass production with a next day dispatch for in stock grommets including standard and non-standard. We currently supply over 5 million grommets per year.

All our rubber grommets follow commercial grades of silicone, EPDM, neoprene, SBR and nitrile. Materials that are available in specification grades are SAE, ASTM, Military Spec, BS Standard, Water Council Approved and FDA Approved.

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All grommets are listed off their “A” measurement, as per the illustration shown above.


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We manufacture a full range of rubber grommets which include Open Grommet, Blind Grommet, Semi-Blind Grommet, PVC Grommet, FDA Grommet, Neoprene Grommet, Vibration Mount Grommet, Mounting Hole Grommet, Oval Grommet, Multiple Hole Grommet, Special ID Grommet, Plug Grommet, Horseshoe Grommet, Extended Neck Grommet, Electrical Bushings, Cord Guards, Semi-Standard Grommet, IP Sealing Grommet and Mil-Spec Grommet.

Any standard grommets and custom grommets can be moulded in FDA Silicone, Nitrile NBR, Neoprene, Water Council Approved, High Temperature Silicone or Viton.

We are able to manufacture grommets in a variety of shapes such as Oval Grommets, Square Grommets, Rectangle Grommets, Oblong Grommets and Round Grommets. We can also mould them in colours such as white.

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