Viton Mouldings are commonly used or O-rings and moulded seals where resistance to fuel and oil at high temperatures is required. Viton is also FDA approved and should be considered as a specialist compound due to its cost.

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What are typical applications of Viton Extreme?

It is suitable for environments such as , chemical processing, oil field industries , pharmaceutical and food industries. For even more demanding environments it also offers a lower cost alternative to FFKM perfluoroelastomer where fluid swell is not critical.

Viton Extreme and Viton are registered trademarks of Chemours.

Meadex offers a range of manufacturing options from prototypes to high volume production.
The choice of the material is dependant on the application and the design or profile of the moulding. Compression manufacture will not work for all seals and the same applies for injection. Consideration of the manufacture of the seal with the volume and final applications are critical with respect to split lines and handling of the moulds. Finally deflashing and trimming and critical aspects that have to be considered fully at the design stage. You would not use the same manufacturing techniques for Diaphragms than you would for O-ring seals.

Viton and Viton Mouldings

Meadex have moulded thousands of different components in viton and other generics of viton in the last 20 years. We have designed numerous systems to reduce the manufacturing costs of this specialist compound that has resulted in Meadex supplying seals to Europe and North America.
Viton Extreme mouldings and seals are required for excellent thermal resistance with a unique resistance to chemicals and environments ( reference our data sheet ) greater than conventional vitons. Viton extreme is a high performance fluoroelastomer

The benefits of vitons are:

• Excellent resistance to acids, hydrocarbons, esters, ketones and aldehydes.
• Low-temperature flexibility.
• Improved compression set resistance and physical properties, FKM PERFLUOROELASTOMERS ( FFKM ), Mouldings in Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM) rubbers are fully-fluorinated fluorocarbon polymers which have elastomeric characteristics. They fill an important niche for applications involving aggressive chemicals at temperatures up to 320°C.

• They are extremely expensive and have poor physical properties and limited use at low temperatures.
• They are the most chemically resistant elastomers that are on the market and have outstanding high Temperature and chemical resistance.
• Also have excellent stem, ozone and weathering resistance.

• A disadvantage is poor low temperature properties.
• Typical applications include core sleeves, O-rings in chemical processing equipment particularly within the oil and gas industry.

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