Silicone Gaskets

Silicone moulded gaskets are mechanical seals between distinct sections that offer resistance to extreme temperatures in hot and cold environments. Silicone gaskets to FDA or WRAS approvals moulded in shore hardness. ( ranges from 25 to 90 shore ).
Meadex silicone gaskets are appropriate for use as aircraft gaskets and or manufacture in clean room environments/ We manufacture gaskets using materials FAR/JAR specifications where required. Our silicone gasket range also includes:
Moulded Insertion silicone gaskets with platinum cure.
Gaskets can also been designed with metal detectable grades and we have electrical conductive grades available. Low smoke and flame retardant grades are common.
Their application is commonly for sealing a liquid or gas, and it might also need to provide additional benefits such as thermal or electrical insulation or conductivity. A moulded gasket is highly repeatable compared o fabrication and offers a likely higher performance seal than other manufacturing system.
It is also possible to bond gaskets to other substrate surfaces such as metal to rubber or plastics.