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Silicone FDA mouldings


Silicone rubber is a synthetic compound made from silicon, offering high working temperatures and excellent hygienic properties.

•Hygienic and food approved. Silicone rubber is hygienic and frequently used in food processing and food manufacturing equipment, as well as the water industry. FDA approved.

•High temperature resistance. Silicone rubber will withstand about 200°C continuously (and higher temperature intermittently) Silicone also remains flexible at below freezing temperatures, where most other elastomers would become brittle and crack.

•Hardness or softness. Silicone components can be made as hard as 85 ShoreA, or as soft as 10 ShoreA, .

•Physical properties: Most food compounds, and many other compounds, will not stick to silicone. Silicone has good ozone and UV resistance; is resistant to many chemicals; and is fairly tough.