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Rubber Hoses


MRM currently supplies the automotive and agricultural markets with Rubber Hoses. These are custom hoses normally moulded in Nitrile to attain Oil and heat resistance.

We are proficient in automotive hoses, heater hoses, rubber air ducts, coolant formed hoses. The demand for these items over the years has increased for high performance engines and environment where greater control is required for fumes / coolant management etc.

The construction of these items requires custom moulds. MRM has designed low entry tooling solutions for low to medium volume production.

Moulded materials include Nitrile & EPDM as standard with or without reinforcement.

A full prototyping and 3D printing Service designed to reduced lead time is available. We require a full working engineered drawing or a current sample.


Applications of Moulded Hoses

These are used for air ducts or transfer of heating oil’s etc from one unit to another.

With the micro-designs of engines structures etc, more and more moulded hoses are being designed to optimise the working environment in comparison to a straight hose that may crease and cause failure.

Typical Applications

Disadvantages:Custom moulded Hoses are of course more expensive to standard tubes.

Lead time for tooling approx 3 - 4 weeks.

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