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Prototype Tooling

Working with you from the pre-production design process will enable us to identify the appropriate prototype tooling methodology (compression, injection, transfer) and material compounding to reduce cost and lead time. We can offer a lead time of 7 - 14 days for new prototype tooling, giving you a quick result and evaluation of the designed product without the expense or lead time associated with a more traditional tool making route.

Advantages of prototypes are-

1. Quicker samples delivery (3 - 5 days)

2. Lower capital costs.

3. Removes costly modifications to production tooling.

MRM offers several prototype systems

1. 3D dimensional Printing Services

Working from a STL files we can deliver printed prototype solutions within a few days.

A very precise geometry can be created allowing a feasibility study of the part / application.

2. Stereo lithography.

Utilises a photo-curable liquid resin in combination with ultraviolet laser.

3. Rapid tooling.

Depending on the size and design of the component we can offer prototype tooling, single cavity to mould the prototype in the exact material you require including: silicone; FKM (viton); NBR; EPDM, NR, Neoprene, Nitrile, Nylon, etc.

This is very successful for production sample build and gives an advantage to other companies that only other 3D printed or very short-life prototypes. MRM has invested in the technology for prototype moulds to be used for production moulds for volumes up to 5,000 per year without further costly investment.



Specialised seals or where volume demand is low. The same precision is required and capital entry costs have to be kept as low as possible. MRM offers low cost for both tooling and parts price starting at £300.00.


MRM has invested over 1.5 million pounds in 15 identical Maplan Injection presses.

Advantage is low parts price. Minimum lead time for high volume delivery.

Delivered by large moulding cavity capacity / automation and 24 hour shift operation.

Capacity of 15 Identical Maplan automated machines ranging from 60 tonnes to 300 tonnes working 24 hours per day.

Find out more about how prototype tooling / 3D printing or low volume moulding can move your project forwards at speed!

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