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O-Rings and Seals

Meadex Rubber Mouldings has been producing standard and non-standard O-rings and seals for over 30 years. These are used in every conceivable application and we mould in over 100 different compounds from commercial grades to high value silver fluoroelastomers.

Standard and non-standard O-Rings

We supply a complete range of

oil seals

We hold a large number of British Standard Tools for o-rings and grommets and can mould in a range of materials and shore hardness's.

MRM have a dedicated production cell for low volume mouldings so are able to offer very low volume special o-rings, leveraging minimal tool cost options wherever possible.

Moulded Rubber Seals (Customer designs)

We also supply a complete range of :

oil seals


Customers often ask, " what is the service life of this seal ?" This is a difficult question to answer and depends on a number of factors, such as the type of fluid or chemical it is sealing against; the temperature of the service environment; whether the seal is static or under dynamic flex conditions; the sealing pressures involved; and most importantly- the attention and care given during the installation and flange tightening procedure.

The degree of compression necessary to achieve a leak free seal is dependent on the internal pressure and temperature of the fluid stream; the parallelism of the flange surfaces; the design of the seal area (machined groove, perimeter backing ring; or smooth flange); and the composition of the flange and piping (metal or resin/fibreglass). For most seal applications, a maximum deflection in the gasket thickness of 25% is recommended.

We can offer competitive tooling and short delivery times, moulding in range of materials material-data

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