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MRM offers this critical service.

Depending on design we can offer tooling within hours or days.

With in house tooling manufacture and substantial stock of materials this is a costly service but essential to numerous customers where time is a critical factor.

Delivery and moulding capacity is achieved though several options including bolster tooling / prototype tooling / single cavity manufacture. With our prototype cell dedicated to such runs, there is no wait or lead-time for production to commence.

For such enquiries CALL 01989 567999 and email

We will require:

Prototype Injection Tooling

One off up to hundreds of parts

Simple to medium complexity parts

Lowest tooling cost but higher piece price

We may use low-cost P20 soft-tool-steel or 7075 Aluminium and make just the core, cavity & ejector plates and insert these into a Master Unit.

This system can offer simple to moderately complex parts. We often use hand loaded inserts to form complex side features, but we can also add hydraulic cores and cooling at a later date.

Very Low Volume Production Moulded Parts

Many hundreds up to thousands of parts

Simple up to very high complexity parts

Medium tooling cost with medium part price

We will use better quality P20 soft-tool-steel or 7075 Aluminium and make a complete stand-alone mould. We can add cooling ways / ejectors etc.

Low Volume Production Moulded Parts

Thousands up to hundreds-of-thousands of parts

Simple up to very high complexity parts

Higher price tooling with much lower part cost

We use pre-toughened high quality P20 tool-steel or NAK-80 stainless-tool-steel and make a complete mould which is in effect a full production tool but without full hardness.


MRM offers a service for the procurement of off-shore tooling for manufacture in UK or over-seas (MRM low cost manufacturing centre). This gives a cost reduction on UK tooling.

MRM has the ability to relocate the tooling back into the UK at the customer requests. This option deliveries lower cost tooling and reduces lead time.

Our flexibility allows companies to relocate their off-shore tooling back into the UK from other off-shore moulding companies. In the last 18 months this averages approx one mould each month, and probably increasing as cost advantage is becoming less each year from over-seas production.